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Thread: Best defensive handgun choice?

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    Best defensive handgun choice?

    Anyone have an opinion on the best protection weapon? Home and carry. Does snyone prefer revolvers or is it all semis?

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    As a carry I prefer my Sig P220

    here are some pros and cons for revolver and semis

    Revolver Pros:
    -Generally simple DA/SA design
    -More "organic" shape than most semi's, possibly easier to conceal
    -Available in powerful calibers like .357 magnum
    -Smaller number of mechanical failure points

    Revolver Cons:
    -Low capacity
    -Extremely heavy DA trigger pull on many models
    -Poor sights
    -Reload process is more complicated and generally slower
    -Barrel to cylinder gap which can cause burns if not careful
    -Grip design is basically one-handed, unergonomic

    Semi auto Pros:
    -Can be high capacity
    -Can have better and easier sights
    -Can have a more ergonomic grip allowing support hand to assist effectively
    -Quicker and easier reload process
    -Generally less recoil with comparable calibers due to the action providing a dampening effect
    -Can have a nicer and easier trigger pull than most DA revolver pulls

    Semi auto Cons:
    -Generally more complicated mechanically
    -Greater number of failure points
    -Reciprocating slide causes safety issue for inexperienced shooters
    -Grip length can be harder to conceal

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    I agree with Zeus - although I don't quite agree with all the revolver cons. I have found many of the S&Ws and Taurus's to have very smooth trigger. I wouldn't call them heavy or light...but more that I didn't notice the pull weight being heavy. I have also not had a problem with the sights or a problem using two hands to hold it. I think the rest is dead on, though.

    For home defense, I might suggest a Taurus Judge in 3" magnum. It's a 5 shot .410 shotgun revolver that can also fire .45 Colt. I have mine loaded with 000 Buck - each shell has 5 .36 pellets. They do have quite a bit of kick though.

    In many ways I prefer a revolver, mostly because of the things Zeus listed. They are typically pretty easy to conceal, and reliable to a fault. Accidental discharges seem to occur less commonly with revolvers, also - not sure if that should be a motivator, though...

    The drawback I find to a semi are - the "what if" there's a jam during the time of need. If you're level headed enough to clear it, that's great...but it will still cost you time. They are also a little harder to hide (most of the time). Some, like the Sig P238 are pretty easy to hide, but only come in .380 and now 9mm. The 9mm version would be what I opted for - though the .380 is a very good shooter. Glocks and the other double stack guns have better capacity, and are offered in larger calibers...but most double stacks are pretty thick, so they don't fit all hand types; but more importantly they are harder to conceal. Many of the compact single stacks don't hold many (if any) more rounds than a revolver...and I would prefer 5-6 .357 rounds (some S&W compact models have 8 shots) over 6-7 9mm rounds. When it comes time to reload, though...the semi will have the advantage unless you're Jerry Miculek.

    As I said above, there are a few compact revolvers out there with 8 shot cylinders chambered in .38/.357 (S&W 327, 627) and Taurus has a 7 shot .38/.357 (617) - they might be worth a look.
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    I agree with Z but most all my guns have to have the fluff and bluff done anyway.

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