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Thread: 2013 ZL1 Camaro-Tampa Fl

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    2013 ZL1 Camaro-Tampa Fl

    Hello Everyone

    I just finished up this very nice 2013 Camaro ZL1. The car had less than 7500 miles on the car.

    Below is picture of the car right after it was washed. The car looks pretty good right? This is where the story starts to get interesting. Letís pull the car in the garage dim the lights and see what there is to discover.

    The owner of this ZL1 took this car to another detailer a couple months back for a full paint correction and an approved installer only coating was to be applied. I am not going to mention the name of the coating but one that has very lofty claims like multiple years of protection, can only be scratched by Kryptonite, etc. , ect. After 2 attempts with the previous dealer this is what he ended up with.
    **Just a little disclaimer I donít want to put down the work of another detailer I just want to show what I had to work with.

    The following shows the improperly applied coating

    The owner decided enough was enough. He came across some of my posts and reached out to me to see if I could correct some of the issues

    I figured this was going to be a big job to remove all the coating and swirls underneath. I found the best combo was Mezerna FG400 on an orange pad. I was figuring the coating was going to put up more of a fight but it come off a little easier than I thought. Donít get me wrong it was still a lot of work. Some areas had to be polished with a 2 inch cyan pad in addition to some areas being hand polished to remove all traces of prior coating.

    Already looking a lot glossier with FG400 in the first step.

    How about a coating removal 50/50

    For the second step I stayed in the Mezerana line with SF4000 on a tangerine pad.
    Final polishing was done with a white Rupes pad and Rupes Ultra diamond polish.
    Wheels removed then clean and sealed. Calipers hand polished with M205 and coated with opti-coat. Wheel wells cleaned and dressed with Carpro PERL.

    Not really want to try another silica based coating this time around but wanting something that would be durable the owner and I discussed a few options and settled on Optimum Gloss Coat.
    After applying the first coat was not that impressed so I decided to wait an hour and apply another coat and what a difference. The gloss really came out with the second coat.

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    Finished product

    Total time around 45 hours to complete.

    Thanks for looking

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